Learn the basics of Igbo language across 17 topics which include games to test your knowledge. Igbo101 is a simple animated introduction to Igbo nouns providing you with the foundation of Igbo. In Igbo101, learn the Igbo alphabet, counting, names of animals, food, places and more. Also, Igbo101 includes a Gallery section where you can unlock Igbo fun-facts to deepen your knowledge of the wider Igbo culture. Igbo101 is present in the Genii Games App.

Igbo101 includes 17 topics. Each topic is a standalone complete with interactive animated scenes, voice, sound, Igbo and English texts. Each Topic comes with a game for you to test your conversational Igbo skills as you learn. Earn stars for every completed game and monitor your progress from the dashboard.

The lessons were prepared and voiced by native Igbo speakers and writers in Nigeria using the standard Igbo - Igbo Izugbe.